A traditional Italian pork dish made with simple, quality ingredients is hard to beat.  Indeed, every region of Italy has its own classic Italian pork recipe, staying true to the ideal of simplicity, minimalism and massive flavours.

And for a truly traditional selection of Italian pork recipes it’s hard to beat the great range of ideas from Gino D’Acampo. Pork is prominent in a lot of Italian antipasti recipes (salami, prosciutto, pepperoni etc) but it’s also a very versatile meat for starters and main dishes like creamy sausage and broccoli ragù, pork tenderloin with lemon & thyme or maiale al forno con latte e rosmarino – or roasted pork loin in milk and rosemary.

From the classic Italian saltimbocca recipe to Italian slow cooker pork recipes, Gino has a huge selection of Italian pork recipes that are perfect for any occasion so your only decision is which one to make first! There are also lots of healthy pork recipes and because it’s such a lean meat, you can eat it without piling on the calories.

You can find a full range of the very best Italian recipes for pork in Gino’s best-selling recipe books or you can find a selection of great ideas below. Time to start cooking!

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