Traditionally, Italians eat antipasti – literally, before the meal – prior to digging into the first course and there are literally hundreds of Italian antipasti recipes. In fact, with antipasti, almost anything goes!

An authentic Italian antipasti recipe is supposed to waken your taste buds and can be served hot or cold. It usually consists of cured meats, deliciously warm ciabatta and seasonal vegetables like olives, peppers, capers, mushrooms or artichoke hearts. Think tapas and you will have a good idea of how many different Italian antipasti recipes there are!

Yet for a truly authentic selection of classic Italian antipasti recipes it’s hard to beat the great range of ideas from Gino D’Acampo. Combining traditional antipasti recipes with a selection of his very own creations, Gino’s unique twist will inspire you to discover genuinely delicious antipasti!

From the best Italian bruschetta recipes to the delightfully delicious arancini con salsa di pomodori arrostiti – deep-fried rice balls with roasted tomato and pepper sauce – or indeed gamberoni e calamari grigliati con mayonnaise al limone – griddled prawns and squid with chilli and lemon mayonnaise – Gino’s antipasti recipes provide an immensely impressive way to kick off a traditional Italian meal.

So why not explore this great selection of traditional and authentic antipasti recipes and discover something for every palate. Whether you’re cooking for two or twenty-two, we have tasty and easy Italian antipasti recipes ready and waiting for you!

You can find a full range of Gino’s antipasti recipes in his best-selling recipe books – along with a range of other Italian recipes such as great pizza and pasta ideas – or you can find a selection of great ideas below. Time to start cooking!

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