Marinated Mozzarella Balls

Mozzarella Sfiziosa

Are you looking for a delicious cheese recipe with a difference? If you are, you’ve found it! Here’s my mozzarella balls recipe for you to enjoy.

When you think of Italian cheese, two come to mind immediately – mozzarella and Parmesan. This recipe puts mozzarella front and centre with two different marinades that are guaranteed to impress!

About This Recipe



    • Buffalo Mozzarella Balls, drained2
    • Marinated Artichokes
    • Marinated Vegetables
    • Caper Berries
    • Italian Cured Meats
    • Toasted Ciabatta Bread, to serve
  • Marinade 1

    • Large Red Chilli, deseeded½
    • Fresh ParsleySmall Bunch
    • Fresh MintSmall Bunch
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil2 Tablespoons
    • Salt, to taste
  • Marinade 2

    • Small Garlic Clove, peeled½
    • Fresh Thyme Leaves1 Teaspoon
    • Fresh Oregano½ Teaspoon
    • Zest of Unwaxed Lemon½
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil2 Tablespoons

Feast your eyes on the finest mozzarella balls recipe! It’s straightforward and fun to make this great dish. Simply follow the instructions below and get the perfect result.

First make Marinade 1. Finely chop the chilli, parsley and mint. Place in a bowl and add the olive oil. Season with salt.

To make Marinade 2, place the garlic, thyme and oregano in a mortar, add a pinch of salt and use the pestle to grind them into a paste. Add the lemon zest and olive oil along with a little black pepper. Mix together and set to one side.

Place the drained mozzarella balls on a board or platter and cut a cross in the top of each one. Drizzle one with the chilli marinade and the other with the garlic marinade.

Serve the marinated mozzarella alongside the other antipasti ingredients, or just have them on their own with toasted bread and tomatoes.

Once you’re done, simply sit back and enjoy your Marinated Mozzarella Balls and don’t forget to check out other great authentic Italian recipes including great antipasti recipes, Italian pasta recipes, Italian soup recipes, Italian beef dishes and authentic pizza recipes.